just. one. word.

Life has been a whirlwind since we launched our online shop in November. We’d been working on the design and development of the shop for several months — and I’d been dreaming about it for years (but afraid to take the leap). It felt really good to get the shop out in the world!

Many Mahalo's to Richmond Magazine as we were lucky enough to be included in an article highlighting some of the area's women-owned businesses. A huge thank you to all who have supported our little online shop!

During the holiday break we made the conscious effort to disconnect from work/social media as much as possible and have been enjoying time with our family.

We are back, recharged and setting our intentions for the NEW year with an open mind and open heart to start 2018 off RIGHT! 


I have long been a believer in the power of words. Their weight, their sentiment. I have had a lifetime love affair with literature and I teach my girls now, that everything we say and everything we do, IS IMPORTANT. 

It means something.

If we move forward through life with that thought as our foundation, words become incredibly powerful.

So this year I choose a word. Thinking of my life, business, and dreams. Being truthful with where I'm at right now and where I want to be. I choose a word that resonates with every fibre of my being.

Now I'm going to let 2018 become that word!

My word is....


And in every action, every decision, every step through the next 365 days around Sun, I will let that one word guide me. 

Just. One. Word.

Of course you can journal and plan and write lists of all the things you want to achieve. But you will find, as I have, that our journey is a constantly morphing evolution, we can plan as much as we like, but we are prompted and ultimately led where we need to be, by life.

There are always some things however, that we retain control over, journal those. Write out your thoughts, imagine them achieved - and it is done.

Now I will take that word and apply it to my life in 2018, close my eyes and imagine all I dream of. Focus on the way these achievements make me FEEL.

  • Who are you when you close your eyes?
  • What kind of person must you become to take on the tasks that lay before you?

Write it out!

Who is the 2018 you?

What is he/she like?

What does he/she believe?

What does he/she DO?

Why is he/she so amazing?

What is he/she committed to creating, or achieving?

WHY is he/she determined to make 2018 the best year yet?


Talk it out!

Your ONE WORD, coupled with your vision of who you will be in 2018 is your goal. THAT is your motivation. THAT is your intention. THAT is the way you will move forward into the New Year.

You must remind yourself of your word!

Carry your word and the notes of the woman/man you see yourself as in 2018 in your purse, or pin it on your office wall, or keep it in your bedside table.

And re-read it. Visit it. Expand upon it throughout the year.

We are constantly evolving spirits and the year itself will gift us with experiences and opportunities we could never have forseen or planned for. So then it only makes sense, that we continue adding to the list of who we see ourselves as, in 2018.

But your word. That one word? That remains your constant.

That is your anchor.

The foundation you build all else from.

I have gratitude for who I was this year and who I will become.

We consistently are, what we consistently do.

With determination and focus, anything is possible. Anything!

The manifestation of all we believe in and focus on, is always possible.

Thank you for taking this journey with us and we look forward to sharing a continued year of success, health and happiness. 

hauʻoli makahiki hou!
Happy New Year from all of us at india + everest!