our story

india + everest is united by our Pacific Island-Asian & Southern American roots. Influenced by the love of a great "find." The find of a great book, bargain or artist. The find of that perfect dress that fits everything just right. The find of the hole-in-the-wall restaurant that goes beyond all of your expectations or the perfect song that puts you in an entirely different place and time as soon as you hear the first notes. The find of good people doing great things, inspiring others to do great things on their journey. And now, the find of stylish, individual and practical kids clothes that are affordable, too.

Our name india + everest was founded by our global spirit and our two daughters, who were named from our love of the vibrant and soulful culture found throughout the beautiful countries of India and Nepal.

india + everest is a carefully curated selection of stylish, individual and practical kids clothes that are affordable for the modern family with an old school appreciation.

As we look forward into 2018, our goal is to GIVE more intentionally, and be an outlet to make an IMPACT together with all who generously shops and supports india +everest. TOGETHER, let us all be a source of inspiration and strength for those around us.

To achieve that, we are setting aside 10% of each sale to be given to causes in areas that we believe are key foundations to a better future for our children and for all humanity.

A hui hou- (until we meet again)

india + everest